7700Y Advances to Vex Worlds

This tournament season, Rolling Robots sent 11 teams to the 2019 Vex Robotics California State Championship. Our amazing teams knocked it out of the ballpark again, taking home 3 awards, including the highest honor given, the Excellence Award, qualifying them for the World Championship!

Our new T-shirt designed for the State Championship.

Team 7700A from Glendale takes home the Build Award

Team 7700A had a great showing in the qualification rounds and ending up ranked 5th with a 4-2-1 record. They made it all the way to the Semi-Finals before being eliminated. This was not the end for them, however, as they won the Build Award for having a robot with exceptional build quality.

Team 7700A wins the Build Award at the 2019 California State Championship.

Team 7700E wins the Judges Award

Team 7700E showed up with high hopes after completing the last regular season tournament undefeated. Unfortunately, they were eliminated prematurely in the qualification rounds. Feeling somewhat discouraged, the team got on the road back to Los Angeles but received some surprise good news on the way home: they had won the Judges Award as the favorite team of the technical judges! So they didn't go home empty handed after all and everybody's mood was instantly improved.

All-in-all our trip to Bakersfield was a success. We came home with each team winning a State Championship Award.

The following day we were in Los Angeles for the continuation of the State Championships. At this event we had the 7700Y team competing at the VRC level and the Elementary teams 7700J, 7700P, and 7700V, competing on the VEX IQ side.

7700Y Wins the Highest Award

Our 7700Y team had been working hard all year with the goal of getting to the world championship by winning the Excellence Award at State. The Excellence Award is extremely prestigious and is described by the REC Foundation as follows:

The "Excellence" award is given to the overall top team. It is the highest honor given out in the VEX Robotics Competition. The recipient of this award is a team that exemplifies overall excellence in creating a high quality VEX robotics program. This team excels in many areas and is a shining example of dedication, devotion, hard work, and teamwork. As a strong contender in numerous award categories, this team deserves to be recognized for building a quality robotics program and a "team" committed to quality in everything that they do.

We are extremely proud of Team 7700Y and all our other teams for their stunning accomplishments. We consider them to be shining examples of what every team should aspire to be and we wish them continued success at the upcoming VEX World Championship. Stay tuned for more news from Rolling Robots in the near future as our teams make preparations for the challenges ahead.

A year of hard work pays off! Team 7700Y wins the Excellence Award

Vex Turning Point

The new VEX Robotics Season is on. The new challenge was revealed at VEX Worlds 2018:

New robot designs were revealed in June:

The Robots shown in the video were part of our Robot In 3 Days project. Each year at the start of the season we gather up some of the best in VEX Robotics to build a robot that can play the new game. This year we had team 2131 from Utah and World Championship Excellence Award winner for 2018, 6007X Quantum Flux World Championship Division Champion 2017 and 7700R World Championship Division Champion 2017. The teams worked from Friday morning 6am through Sunday 11pm with short breaks for food and sleep.

The team built 2 robots this year one using the new V5 system and one with the legacy Cortex and 393 motors. We produced a documentary video of the event.

Soon it was time for the first event. Here is a video of the first event the Poway Robot Rodeo

We had 3 teams attend this event. Being the first event there were not many teams ready to play. There were only 14 teams at the event. Rolling Robots had the only 2 middle school teams at this high school event.

Our teams were also barely ready to play. The robots had just been completed in the past week and the teams had a day or two for practice. It was great to see the teams improve through the day. By the end of the tournament teams were playing each part of the game and scoring points in all ways. 7700Y was one of the only robots that could score in each possible way the game allowed. They had a very effective ball shooter that would consistently win the autonomous bonus points.

At the end of the day we had 6007R in the quarter finals, 7700Y and 7700C formed an alliance and made it to the semi finals.

VEX team
Here are our first 3 teams to compete this year. 6007R, 7700C, 7700Y

Next event is the OC Beckman Robot Bonanaza September 15, 2018


Introductory workshop for joining our Competition Team

Rolling Robots Vex IQ Workshops come to Irvine


As summer winds down Rolling Robots is offering two vex IQ workshops on August 19th and 26th in Irvine, California. These workshops are an intensive but entry level opportunity for students that are potentially interested in robotics competition. Perfect for students at the elementary and early middle school levels, the workshops will teach building, design process, and coding before moving into the specifics of robotics competition, strategy, and team management.

Workshop 1: Build and Code VEX IQ

Learn to build and code robots using the VEX IQ system. Directed at the elementary school level, students will build a robot and write code which will operate the robot’s sensors. The robot is the same type of robot used by professional VEX IQ Competition Teams.

Workshop 2: VEX IQ Competition Training Workshop

Compete in a 2018 VEX IQ Challenge game. Students will build a robot to play the VEX game ‘Next Level’, which requires students to code the robot for autonomous operation and also pilot the robot manually via remote control. Along the way they will learn problem solving and teamwork skills.

The workshops are located near John Wayne Airport in a shared space at 18021 Cowan St. Irvine CA, 92614. These intro workshops are 4-hour drop-off sessions on Sunday mornings with a class size of 10 students or less studying under 2 instructors. Please have your student bring snacks or a light lunch; all other materials are supplied.


About Joining a Rolling Robots VEX IQ Team:

At the conclusion of these workshops we will be selecting new members for the Rolling Robots Competition Teams. Our teams are highly regarded and have won awards at every Vex World Championship for the last 5 years. Teams always perform better when they are made up of close friends so please consider mentioning these classes to other students in your circle of friends that you think might be interested.

Link to Info and Registration: Irvine VEX IQ Workshops

Also you can read more and like our page about these workshops on the Rolling Robots Facebook