Congratulations to:

Daniel Armstrong, Porter Carson, Katy Perez, Jansen Henschel, and Griffon Calvert

Winners of the Farmers & Merchant Bank Scholarship!

These inspired young minds had the most awesome answers when they were asked: "If I could design my dream robot..."

"It would be a humanoid supercomputer with learning AI, applicable to many tasks due to its capacity to learn. It would develop its own personality, but could be programmed to avoid certain traits such as anger, rebellion, or ambition. (However, not completely. These traits are good sometimes.) It would even feel emotions! It would have modifications to human vision, strength, and agility... ..."

-Daniel, 12-years-old

"My dream robot would be a translator. If I met a new friend who only spoke Spanish and I only spoke English, my Robot could translate for us and help us understand each other. That way all the people around the world could communicate... ..."

- Porter Carson 7-year-old

"My dream bot would voice activated commands, responding only to my voice or someone else's voice that I have authorized to give commands. It would carry things for me and have an internet connection so I could look things up quickly... ..."

- Katy Perez, 11-year-old

"It would be a robot that could be a friend to children in need a pet, maybe... ..."

- Jansen Henschel, 10-years-old

"An AI computer program that allows the computer to talk to the user and know everything on the Internet, can be hooked up to electronic arms that can build things and also cook food. This AI program can have either a female or a male voice. Also, it can play games that are installed on your computer, by itself or against you... ..."

- Griffon Calvert 9-years-old

We are so proud of them and very pleased that Rolling Robots will be part of their journey to design their dream robots.

If you’re as excited about competitive robotics as we are then you’ll definitely want to tune-in to a special program about the Vex Robotics 2016 World Championship airing tonight on ESPN2 at 6:00pm Pacific Time (9:00pm Eastern). It will be a great showcase of what our world championship teams go through; it will also be a fascinating glimpse into the exciting world of robotics competition for a new generation. The one-hour special will feature team interviews, game play announcing, matches, finals, and much more!

ESPN's decision to do this special, along with the recently added "Youth Robotics" content category added to the ESPN website, is a testament to the growing impact that competition robotics is having on our world.

We are all very excited to be a part of such an incredible movement and hope you will watch the special and maybe be inspired to get in on all the fun.

See a video trailer for the ESPN2 special below:

Rolling Robots takes home more awards!

High School Team - Tournament Championship and Innovate Award Winner
Middle School Team - Tournament Finalist and Design Award Winner
Elementary School Team - Judges Award Winner

We have great news for the Rolling Robots community after our recent visit to the 2016 VEX Robotics California State Championship in Pasadena:

VEX Robotics Team 7700R

Our High School Team 7700R claimed the Tournament Champion Title and won the Innovate Award

7700B wins Design Award

Also, our Middle School Team 7700B won the Design Award and the Tournament Finalist Award

VEX IQ Team 7700W

Last but not least, our Elementary School Team 7700W won the Judges Award!

All three teams are now advancing to the VEX World Championship in Kentucky starting April 22nd, 2016.

This year, Rolling Robots has 8 Robotics Competition Teams. All 8 teams have made some great accomplishments throughout the season by winning Excellence Awards or Tournament Champions in local tournaments. All 8 teams advanced to the California State Championship.

The hard work of every team member and the continual support of their families have both been the key factors in all the teams' successes this competition session, so THANK YOU so much from all of us at Rolling Robots! Keep up the good work everyone, and see you at VEX Worlds!

Here's a video of team 7700R in action made by one of its members, Jacqueline, showing how they have advanced so far.