Play Minecraft and eat Pizza with your Friends at Night!

Minecraft Nites at Rolling Robots

Party with your friends and play Minecraft in the evenings at Rolling Robots

Summer was great. But school is starting. We want to help to plan some time to relax. For this reason we created Minecraft Nites! Drop your kids off in the early evening for some Minecraft fun with their friends while you sneak away for a dinner date, a night out at the movies, or maybe just a relaxing few hours at home. Your kids will enjoy it too, as instead of chasing you down for attention they can burn all that energy off in a safe, fun-filled environment with Minecraft play, and maybe even pizza and snacks!

Sound good? View the details below and then click the link below to get started:

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Minecraft Nites

The Rolling robots teams attended the first California Vex Starstruck tournament August 6 through 8th at the Santa Clara Fairground. The game Starstruck is the VEX Robotics Competition for the 2016 - 2017 season. Game details can be found here: STARSTRUCK. The game was revealed in April and our teams have been working through the summer to design robots to meet the challenge. We sent 4 teams to the event and had a great weekend.
Vex Santa Clara Starstruck Final Match
Vex Santa Clara Starstruck Elimination Bracket
Elimination bracket. Highlights of the day were our team 7700C from west LA defeating the 2 place alliance to move to the semi-finals. The finals were Rolling Robots 7700R versus Rolling Robots 7700B. In the end our High School team 7700R won the tournament.
Vex Santa Clara Starstruck Final Match
Here are the teams from the finals. 7700R, 86868, 5327D, 7700B. The tournament champions 7700R and 86868 are qualified for the State Championship.

Secrets of the Partybots

Introducing: The Drummer Robot!

Do you like making music? If so, you can turn recycled boxes and cans into a drum set for our newest partybot, the Robot Drummer, and teach it to play your own beats and rhythms! The fun doesn't stop at robot building, there are so many ways to play with this drummer robot! Change the number of pegs on the robot to create a new rhythm. Let the robot hit different surfaces to produce high and low tones! Dance to the beat made by your new robot friend! Watch the link below to see the Robot Drummer in action!