Rolling Robots is one of the Best Robotics Academies in California, the Country and the World. Our teams are super competitive and consistently make it to the World Championship. As competitive as they are they do like to share their success and assist other teams. Especially the new teams trying to figure out what to build for the new game. Each year we produce a Robot in 3 Days to share with the community. Check out our reveal: Teams 62, 6007 and 7700 Came together for a weekend to build this awesome robot to share. This is an open source robot so feel free to copy and improve. We know that the vex community can take this and make it way better. We will also be working on better designs and builds, so don't think you can win with and exact copy.

Here is the documentary. Check the description for links to detailed design documents etc.

Want to learn how to do this stuff? check this post: