Not everyone wants to build a toy robot for their birthday; some of you have had prior robot building experience perhaps? Or maybe others among you are simply captivated by the idea of conquering bigger challenges. It is specifically for you advanced Roboteers and thrill-seekers out there that we've created the VEX Robot Building option for your party enjoyment. In this activity you will be building with the same robotics system used by our World Championship Competition Teams. You will be using metal parts, motors, wheels, gears, and real tools to assemble your battle robot.

VEX Robot

Assembly is not hard, and with the help of our trained staff no experience is necessary. We make sure every Roboteer can assemble the robot correctly and will help them to fix it after any mishaps on the battle arena.

When the Robots are complete the Roboteers will get to use them to battle in our robot arena.* There may be specific challenges arranged for them and maybe even a visit from some of the larger, pre-built robots we have in the store. The more the merrier, right?

Vex Robot

You will have a two hour block of time for your party with a private room and attentive trained staff to help with all your needs. In addition to the robot building and competitive games there will be time available for birthday cake as well as a food break. You can bring your own food or order through us.

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Robot Party Packages

* Unlike our other robot building parties, VEX building parties do not include a robot for guests to take home with them. VEX Robot Kits are available for purchase in-store at an additional cost.