Rolling Robots FAQ

  1. How does your Store Credit program work?
    If you are issued Rolling Robots Store Credit, you can use it on any order you place with us. During checkout or while viewing your shopping cart, you will see a widget on the page displaying your current Store Credit Balance along with a button that lets you apply your balance to your order. After you apply store credit to your order, continue your checkout process as usual. Your Store Credit balance will be deducted from the final order total up to the full amount associated with your account. If you have any remaining balance after your purchase, it will remain in your account for future use. If you decide you don't want to apply your store credit to your order, you can visit your shopping cart and remove the store credit from your order and it will no longer be applied.

    Store credit cannot be applied to past orders once they are placed. If you use store credit to purchase a subscription, you may be charged a $0.01 authorization charge to collect and authorize your credit card information and set up your membership.

    If you are issued a store credit refund for a workshop, party, camp, or other purchase/reservation cancellation, it may take up to 3 business days for the store credit to post to your account while we verify the refund. If you need it sooner, please call us so we can expedite the process. Store credit will not be refunded until after your order payment has cleared completely. If you have a store credit balance you don't intend to use, we can transfer it to another account (please allow at least 1 week to process this request).

    Store Credit has no cash value and no cash refunds will be given for balances on your store credit account. Participation in our store credit program may vary by location and certain products may be store credit exempt, please ask staff if you have any questions about Store Credit.

  2. How do your Gift Cards work?
    When sending a gift card, simply purchase one of our gift card products. You will have a place to choose a dollar amount as well as enter the email address of your gift card recipient and a short note. We will notify the recipient via email with an online gift card code usable at our online store. By default, we do not tell the recipient who sent the card in case you wish to gift anonymously, so please put your name in the Gift Card notes if you want the recipient to know who sent it.

    If you have received a Rolling Robots Gift Card, there is a link underneath our "Enter Coupon" form during checkout which lets logged-in users apply the gift card code to their account. Once redeemed, the amount of the gift card is added to the recipient's Store Credit balance (see our previous FAQ item about Store Credit to see how it is applied to orders).

    Gift Cards are treated same as cash, so please make sure you send the gift card to the correct email. We can also print you a physical gift card at one of our brick-and-mortar stores if you want to hand the gift card to the recipient in person. (Please call ahead if you wish to do this, not all stores are equipped to print gift cards). If you misplace your gift card or gift card code, we can issue you another, but please act quickly. Once a gift card is redeemed there will be no replacements or refunds. Gift Cards have no cash value and cannot be exchanged for cash at any of our stores.

  3. How does your waiting list for Workshops/Camps work and how do I get on it?
    If you visit a product's page and there is a button there marked "Join Waiting List", it means the product is out of stock but we are offering a waiting list in case any spots open up later. Simply click the button and you'll be put on our waiting list. If more spots open up for any workshop or camp, we will notify people on our waiting list until the new spots are all reserved. If you decide you don't want to be on our waiting list anymore, simply visit that product's page again and click the button marked "Leave Waiting List".
  4. What are the terms and conditions for your RSVP events and Contests?
    Our RSVP events are often free and mostly don't require any purchase to attend. If any purchase or obligation is required that will be made clear somewhere on the page where you RSVP. Contest criteria may vary depending on the contest, check the contest page for details. All RSVP and Contest entries are automatically signed up for our Mailing List, but there is no penalty for unsubscribing and you will not lose your ability to attend the event or receive a contest prize should you choose to unsubscribe.
  5. How do I sign up for workshops if I am enrolled in a Homeschool Program?
    Special instructions for HOMESCHOOL parents:

    Step 1. At your home school portal: Each 8-week workshop needs to be signed up for at your Homeschool Program as two separate 4-workshop sessions, not a single 8-workshop session as we have it currently listed. For example: if you are taking the Robots Rock Workshop from Sept 18th to Nov 8th, you should request approval from your Homeschool Program for "Robots Rock Workshop Part 1 (Sept 18th to Oct 9th)" for $199 and "Robots Rock Workshop Part 2 (Oct 16th to Nov 6th)" for $199 at the same time.

    Step 2. After you receive your Certification ID's for the two 4-Workshop requests you made in step 1 above, visit the corresponding product page on the Rolling Robots Website and add the product to your cart. Make sure you only have Homeschool Program Approved items in your cart (you must have a Certification ID for each one) and click "Checkout". One the first page of checkout, please put a list of all your Certification ID's in the "Customer Notes" field along with the name of the Homeschool Program that provided the Certification ID. During the final part of the checkout process, select the "PO Number" payment method instead of using a Credit Card. For the purchase order number, type the name of your Homeschool Program (i.e. Inspire, Valiant, Skymountain, etc) and one of your Certification IDs.