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Introduction to Microcontrollers with Micro-Bit

Introduction to the Micro-Bit

The MicroBit is a simple platform to get started with code and embedded electronics. This is one of the most simple micro controllers we have seen. It takes all the great features of microcontrollers like Arduino, adds on board sensors, input and output combined with a simple coding language to make a great starting point.

Hardware to get started with Micro-Bit

The most basic set up consists of a MicroBit board, USB cable, and a Computer. Search MicroBit Go on amazon. We like to add a battery pack so we can disconnect from the computer and an assortment of wires and components to explore some more advanced circuits.

The code editor is browser based, so you can use any computer including Chromebook. It is the MakeCode Editor.

What Will You Learn?

Set up and write your first program to control microBit electronics with MakeCode

Course Information

1.5 hrs live instruction

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