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MicroBit Electronics and Code

Learn about a special micro controller called Micro:Bit. The Micro:bit is packed with inputs and sensors which means that you can do loads of things without needing to add additional electronics.The 25 pixel LED screen that allows students to easily display images. You can make games, you can make an alarm when the plants need water, we can make a temperature thermostat. The possibilities are endless with Mirco:bit. 

What Will You Learn?

Learn how to code with easy to learn block coding. Understand how the the sensors on it work and program it to make fun projects and make some simple games using the LED screen on MicroBit. 

Course Information

About This Course


For this workshop you will need to have a Micro:bit Go kit that includes the Micro:bit, USB micro cable, battery holder with JST connector and 2 AAA Batteries.  These are available on search microbit go. Or you can rent one to pick up at our shop

Robot Rentals select Micro:bit Kit and the location you would like to pick up. Please note that our rentals are handled by another system so you will have to provide your information again to complete your rental.

The Micro:bit can be used with a computer running MacOS, Windows, Linux or ChromeOS, and mobile devices running Android or iOS. All devices will need a modern browser and the supported browsers are listed HERE.