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VEXIQ Competition Team 2022-2023

The Rolling Robots VEX IQ Robotics Competition Teams are gearing up for the upcoming 2022-2023 season and we’d like to invite your child to join our VIQC Elementary School Team.


What Will You Learn?

Teams typically meet twice per week. When nearing the competition events, the teams may meet additional times in preparation for the event. Besides technical learning, students have the opportunity to build friendships with like-minded peers. It’s fun for them to hang out with their teammates, build their robots together, and learn from each other in robotics, engineering thinking, and teamwork in a safe environment.


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About This Course

Rolling Robots is home to several world-class VEX Robotics teams! Joining Rolling Robots' VEX IQ competition team is the first step towards becoming part of a World Champion robotics team.

Rolling Robots have a plan designed to help all our students excel at these events, and our history shows our methods get great results. Over the 8-year history of participating in the VEX Robotics Competition, VEX IQ Challenge, VEX AI Competition, Rolling Robots' teams have won 9 awards total in the World Championships, including the VRC Excellence Award and VEX IQ Think Award. Our teams have been the State Tournament Champions and the Excellence Award winners for multiple years. This year, all 13 Rolling Robots teams were qualified for the World Championship in May. Two VRC teams won their divisions at the World Championship,  one VIQC team made it to the finals and the other IQ team just missed the cut for Finals Matches. You can read more details about this year's world championship and the results of our teams at: and follow our social media: Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook @rollingrobots for exciting news at Rolling Robots!

Teams are made up of 5 or 6 students who have taken the classes and workshops to prepare themselves for Robotics Competition.  Each team will participate in 3 or 4 local competition Tournaments which will give them a chance to qualify for the state championship. Based on their performance at the state championship and other opportunities provided to REC Foundation for world championship qualification, teams can qualify for the World Championship. In addition to the competition matches in the local competitions, the team will also be interviewed by judges about their robot design and development process. They can also make a STEM presentation, much like a science fair project, competing for an additional award. So we welcome students of all types of talents and interests to be on our teams.