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Girl Scout - Brownie Robotics

  • Learn how to build a robot and how some engineers come up with their designs 
  • Program robots with sensors and go through some simple challenges 
  • Meet and greet our world champion robotics teams 
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About This Course

1. Design Robot Badge: Each Girl Scouts will build your own motorized robot to take home.  Rolling Robots' staff will go over what's in the robot and robot design process while building the robot.


2. Programming Badge:  Girl Scouts will learn to program/code a LEGO Mindstorm robot or VEXIQ robots in a small group of 2 - Rolling Robots' staff will guide the girl scouts to build the robot, program the robot, learn hardware/software interface, and complete a challenge (2 hours).

3. Showcase Badge: The Girl Scouts troop will present what they learned about robots, and learn from Rolling Robots' Staff about different robotics competitions in the world and how they can get involved. The troop will meet our competition teams, and see robots in action. This activity can be arranged in the same visit for either robot building or programming badge.