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Game Design and Development

Do you know how to build a game in Scratch, GameMaker Studio, or even Unity? Do you know that you need to know more than just coding to build a successful game?

In this workshop, you will find the answers to these questions from an expert!

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About This Course

A successful game is made up of great work of all the following:
• Design
• Writing
• Artwork
• Animation
• Music
• Sound effects
• User interface
• Documentation
• Marketing

Let the most amazing Mr. Criley of Indelible Learning introduce you to these concepts so that you will start thinking like a pro game designer. In this workshop, you will take popular games and break them apart into these components, and you will learn why the developers of these games made the choices they did. You will also learn how to rate games on their success at reaching certain player audiences, because not all players are alike, just as not all games are alike.

You will learn how to playtest a game, and how to ask the right questions before you start building a game.  If you are ready to push your game design ability up a level, this is the workshop for you!

Mr. Criley is the COO and co-founder of Indelible Learning.  He has a long-standing expertise in science and health educational programs and games for K-12, as well as interactive teaching and testing programs for healthcare. 

This is an in-person workshop designed for kids age 10 to 13. Labtops will be provided for playtesting.

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