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1. Are you offering online summer camps in 2022?

Yes. Rolling Robots will offer online summer camps focusing on coding camps - Scratch Coding, Python Coding, Minecraft MOD, and Roblox Game Design.

2. Are you offering in-person, on-site summer camps in 2022?

Yes. Rolling Robots will offer in-person on-site summer camps at 3 locations in greater Los Angeles - Glendale, Palos Verdes, and West LA. 

3. What is the daily/weekly schedule?

Rolling Robots STEM and Robotics Summer Camp offers the most flexibility. 

Each camp is one week long (Monday - Friday, 5 camp-days total, except July 4th week). Campers can enroll in the morning session, the afternoon session, or for both sessions. The morning session is from 9am to 12pm, and the afternoon session is from 1pm to 4pm. The full day session goes from 9am to 4pm with a one-hour lunchtime period from 12:00pm - 1:00pm. The lunch hour will be complimentary when a camper enrolled in both morning and afternoon sessions for on-site camps. A “Boot Camp" is only offered as a full-day option.

For in-person on-site camps, campers can be dropped off up to 15 minutes before the session begins and be picked up no later than 15 minutes after the session ends. Any drop-offs or pick-ups outside of this 15 minutes window will incur an extra charge of $1 per minute per camper.

For online camps, campers should join a Zoom meeting 5 minutes before the start time of the camp.  Be sure to rename the Zoom account so it show as the format below:

CAMP NAME KEYWORDS + CAMPER’S First Name and Last Name. For example: MOD - Jonny Smith. 

4. Is there an extended day option?

For in-person on-site camps, Yes. For campers enrolled in the in-person, on-site afternoon camps, you can enroll in the Extended-Day and remain in camp from 4pm until 6:00pm.

5. What should my child bring each day?

For in-person on-site camps, half-day campers can bring snacks, whereas full-day campers should bring lunch and snacks for the morning and afternoon breaks. Campers can also bring money so they can buy snacks and drinks that we have for sale (ranging from $1 to $5 per item). We also highly suggest campers bring a water bottle filled with fresh water so they can stay fully hydrated. Cups of water are also available for free upon request, but it's always good to have your own available. In consideration of the possibility that some children may have a nut/peanut allergy, please DO NOT BRING any food items that may contain nuts or peanuts. It’s recommended for the full-day campers to bring something they would like to do (reading, drawing, etc.) during lunch break.

6. Will lunch be provided?

We do not provide lunch. Please pack a lunch (that does not contain any nuts or peanuts) if your child is attending both the morning and afternoon camps. Cups of water are available at no charge. Bottled water, other drinks, and snacks are available for purchase.

7. Will my child bring home the robots they build during camp?

For in-person on-site camps, most of the kits we use to build robots will stay at Rolling Robots unless we otherwise specify in the camp description. Please check with us on pricing and availability for the specific item if you are interested in purchasing it.

8. Will my child bring home the game they created on the computer during camp?

For in-person on-site camps, Sure! Campers will be able to take home any games they create during the camp. On the last day of camp, campers can bring a flash drive with at least 2GB of available space. We can copy the file to the flash drive.

9. My child has never built a robot or programmed on a computer before. Is that OK?

Yes. Rolling Robots’ summer camps are designed for children of all learning backgrounds. We will teach the core concepts of STEM, robotics, and computer programming/coding. No prior experience is required except for a few advanced camps. Please use the age guidelines listed when enrolling your child so that they will have the best experience possible.

10. My child is a very advanced, high-tech wizard. Will they be bored?

Maybe for about 5 minutes when we are getting everyone started. Rolling Robots’ camps are designed to encourage open creativity and deep exploration, so once your child is engaged in the process they will be challenged to a degree appropriate to their level of skill and experience. In case that your child would not enjoy the camp, we are always open to learn about the specific situation and make an adjustment for the best interest of your child.

11. What is the student-to-teacher ratio?

For in-person on-site camps, we aim for 6 to 8 campers per instructor to ensure that each child gets the attention and instruction that they need.

12. Do I pay the full amount up front?

Yes, but you can add additional sessions or the extended-day option later as long as space is still available.

13. What is your change/cancellation/refund policy?

To request a change, cancellation or refund of your summer camp order, you MUST EMAIL us at  The email subject should be “Camp Cancellation Request - Order ###”. After we have received your request through email, we will process your request per the following cancellation and refund policy: (1) If you request to cancel your current camp session and change to a different camp session, we will transfer your camp without extra charge for the first time. (2) If you must change for the second time or more, we will transfer you to a new camp with $10 per change per camp. (3) If you must cancel your camp session and request a refund, a $25/per camp process fee plus prorated per attended-day will be deducted before we refund the balance.

14. Is there a discount if I sign up for multiple sessions?

Yes. After the first camp in each order, each additional camp booked will receive a discount that will apply automatically at checkout. This discount will only be awarded for 2 or more camps purchased in the same order, and it may not apply when other offers or promotions codes are used.

15. Is there a sibling/friend discount?

Yes. See the rules for discounts on purchasing multiple camps above.

16. Do you have camp during spring or winter break?

Yes, Rolling Robots offers Winter Camps around the Christmas and New Year holidays, Spring Camps when schools are on spring breaks, and Thanksgiving Camps for the Thanksgiving week.