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Tabletop Robot - The World Famous Robot for Kids

 Attention (5 Min.)

As seen in Blippi, Tabletop Robot is a robot that moves like a crab and knows not to fall off a table (or a surface with sharp edges)!


The intriguing mechanism that makes the Table Top robot work will be revealed in the live workshop. 

The kit will come with parts of the robot, assembly instruction, battery to operate the robot and screwdrvier to assembly the robot. The regular USPS will be the defaulted delivery method.


The amazing Tabletop Robot was made famous in the Blippi STEM Learning at The Rolling Robots video. When he visited Rolling Robots, Blippi built his own Tabletop Robot and won (finally) at the "Last One Staying (on the table)" game! Are you ready to build it with kids across the country?


Learners Guidance Explore/Activity



Gears are mechanical parts with cut teeth designed to fit with teeth on another part so as to transmit or receive force and motion. Gears are also sometimes called toothed wheels or cogged wheels or cogs. The cut teeth are also sometimes called cogs.

How Do They Work?

The neat thing about gears is that they move in opposite directions. In other words, when one gear turns to the right (clockwise), the gear attached to it will turn to the left (counterclockwise). This pattern continues to repeat, regardless of how many gears are attached to each other. For example, in a gear train with four gears, gear A turns clockwise, gear B turns counterclockwise, gear C turns clockwise, gear D turns counterclockwise. 

How Do Gears Transfer Energy?

As gears turn, energy is transferred from one gear to another. They can either increase or decrease speed or force, but not both at the same time. You have to lose something to gain something.


Below is a slide show of built to be used for guide building.