2018 Winter Camps feature either a 3-day or 5-day schedule depending on holidays.
Each camp is half a day (3 hours) long and you can sign up for both the Morning and Afternoon sessions to receive a complimentary lunch hour at Rolling Robots.
AM camp: 9am to 12pm
PM camp: 1pm to 4pm
Extended care (4pm - 6pm) available upon request Please read our FAQ for more details.
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Winter Camp Descriptions
App DevelopmentAges 9-14Learn to write your own APP and make a playable game with MIT APP Inventor.
3D PrintingAges 9-14Learn to use 3D Printing Design Software and print your own 3D Object to take home.
Arduino CodingAges 8-14Learn to code an Arduino Microprocessor and use it to control a robot.
VEX IQ Robot Building and CodingAges 8-12Learn to build and code a VEX IQ Robot - prerequisite to join VEX IQ Robotics Competition team.
LEGO Robot Building and CodingAges 7-12Learn to build and code a LEGO robot to do things with the LEGO Mindstorms coding platform.
Robots RockAges 7-12Learn to build a metal robot with real tools with VEX EDR - prerequisite to join VEX Robotics Competition team.
MIT Scratch Coding BeginnerAges 6-12Learn to code your own games and animations with MIT's Scratch.
littleBits Building and CodingAges 6-9Learn to invent by building electronic circuits with the littleBits Electronic Library.
Bots for TotsAges 5-7Learn to build, connect, and code with a stand-alone session every day. Take the robot you build home with you!
Minecraft 1.0Ages 7-12Learn to master advanced Minecraft techniques, such as using Red Stone, command blocks, and enabling mods to change the look of the game. Introduction of Physical Science. No Programming.
Palos Verdes
West LA