Winter Camp FAQ

  1. What is the daily / weekly schedule? Each winter camp session is a one week long (Monday - Friday). Campers can sign up for the morning session, the afternoon session, or for both sessions (the “full day” session).

    The morning session is from 9am to 12pm, and the afternoon session is from 1pm to 4pm. The full day session goes from 9am to 4pm with one hour complimentary lunchtime from 12pm to 1pm.

    For all sessions, you can drop campers off up to 15 minutes before the session begins and pick them up no later than 15 minutes after the session ends. Any drop-offs or pick-ups outside of this 15 minute window will incur an extra charge of $1 per minute per student. The extra charge is due at the time of the drop-off or pick up.
  2. Is there an extended day option? Yes, campers can stay at our Roboteers Club from 4pm to 6pm if you purchase the extended day option. The camper must be signed up for an afternoon camp session (1pm-4pm) that day to qualify for the extended day option.
  3. What should my child bring each day? If your child takes either AM or PM camp at Rolling Robots, they should bring healthy snacks and drinks for break time. If your child will attend both the morning and afternoon camps, they should bring enough healthy snacks and drinks for the AM and PM breaks in addition to food for lunch time.

    You can also send money with your child so they can buy snacks and drinks we have for sale (ranging from $1 to $5). Please do not bring any food items that may contain nuts or peanuts.
  4. Will lunch be provided? No, we do not provide lunch. There are snacks and drinks for sale (ranging from $1 to $5).
  5. Will my child bring home the robots they build during camp? Your child will not bring the robot home unless we specify the robot goes home with them in the description of the camp session they are attending. For most of the camps, campers build their robots with a partner using specialized kits. Because of this, your child will not be able to bring the robot they build home. However, some of the kits are available for purchase. Please check with us on pricing and availability for the specific item.
  6. Will my child bring home the game they created on the computer during camp? Campers will be able to take home any games that they create at their camp. On the LAST DAY of the camp, please bring a flash drive with 2GB of available space if you wish to have a copy of their project to take home.
  7. My child has never built a robot or programmed a computer before. Is it OK for them to attend a Rolling Robots Camp? Yes. We teach children STEM, robotics, and computer programming / coding. No prior experience is usually required unless otherwise indicated in the camp description. However, please use the age guidelines listed with each Winter Camp when enrolling your child so that they will have the best experience possible.
  8. My child is a very advanced, high-tech wizard. Will they be bored? Our camps are designed to encourage open creativity and deep exploration. Once the campers are engaged in the process they will be challenged to a degree appropriate to their level of skill and experience. You are welcome to contact us if you have any specific questions or concerns regarding which camp is most suitable for your campers.
  9. What is the student-to-teacher ratio? The student-to-teacher ratio is typically 6-8 students per instructor and no more than 12 students total per session.
  10. Do I pay the full amount up front? Yes. You can add more camps later as long as there is space still available.
  11. What is your cancellation / refund policy? Any cancellation or change request MUST be in writing. Please email us at with the date of the camp, the name of the camp, the name of your child and your cancellation or change requests.

    As a small family business in children’s education, we work hard to be as efficient as possible so we can spend more time working with all the children who come to learn at Rolling Robots. In the interest of keeping camp cancellations simple, we have implemented a new “no-questions-asked” refund policy as follows.

    Upon receiving your written cancellation request, we will process a refund of your payment minus a $25 processing fee without any questions asked as long as you make your request at least 10 days before your first day of camp.

    If instead of cancelling you wish to change your camp date, topic, or participating child, we will gladly make the change without any fee. Email us your written camp change request with all the pertinent details and within 5 days and we will make the change for you. You can also request a store credit to be issued to your Rolling Robots’ account; the store credit can be used for all other Rolling Robots’ products and services within 1 year. The store credit will be forfeited if you don't use it within 1 year of the issue date.
  12. Is there a discount if I sign up for multiple sessions? Yes. If you aren’t using another special offer (such as another coupon) you are eligible to receive a $15 discount off your order if you order 8 or more single sessions. Simply email us for a special coupon code. This discount cannot be combined with other promotions or coupons unless otherwise stated.
  13. Is there a sibling/friend discount? Yes. Please read the above item about the multiple session discount. Multiple session discount applies to the sibling/friend discount.
  14. How do I use a gift card in an order? If you have received an electronic gift card code, you will be prompted to enter the code during the checkout process. If you have an older gift card, please put the complete gift card number into your order notes during checkout. You will initially pay by credit card for the full balance owed on the order. After we verify your gift card, we will refund the gift card amount to your credit card within two weeks of your order date.

  15. Where do we park? Please contact the specific Rolling Robots location hosting your camp for driving and parking instructions.